How to choose the Sow Farrowing Crate that suits you best


Nowadays, when raising pigs, everyone knows that it can provide a clean, safe and suitable environment for sow delivery and piglet care. The mainstream Sow Farrowing Crate on the market now includes the single-body European Sow Farrowing Crate, the double-body semi-plastic and semi-cast iron Sow Farrowing Crate, the double body all-cast iron Sow Farrowing Crate, and the composite board Sow Farrowing Crate. The composite board Sow Farrowing Crate is not recommended due to material problems. Compared with semi-plastic sow beds, twin-body all-cast iron sow beds are more expensive because of the material. More suitable for use in the south. The temperature in the south is generally higher. The use of all-cast iron Sow Farrowing Crate can not only cool down, it is easy to clean, but also has sufficient water supply. The European Sow Farrowing Crate is a single sow farrowing bed. In other words, the European-style farrowing bed has only one sow position, and the European-style farrowing bed is generally more expensive. The double-body semi-plastic semi-cast iron sow bed is generally more affordable and more suitable for use in the north, because the weather in the north is relatively cold, and the all-cast iron sow bed is used. When it is cold, the piglet sleeps on the farrowing bed and it is easy to have diarrhea! The sows are prone to freezing during the farrowing bed.